Contemporary Native American Concerns: Health, Sovereignty, and Leadership

A 6 page discussion of the many problems facing contemporary Native Americans. Traces these problems back to the initial contact with the European people who invaded Native land. Asserts that everything from the ravages of disease on modern Native Americans to struggles over land rights and the right to independent government can be related to the demands and expectations of non-Native groups who now predominate North America. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

United States Involvement In Cuba, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo And Haiti Since The Spanish American War

6 pages in length. The postwar impact upon Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and Haiti – the first independent nation in the Caribbean – proved to change the manner by which these acquired territories would address their collective futures. American occupation had served to strengthen the United States political power, as well as underestimate the economic, social and political desires of occupied habitants. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

'History Of Women In Journalism' by Beasely and Gibbons

A 5 page paper discussing the book 'Taking Their Place' which details the history of women in journalism. Various notable female journalists are briefly discussed, as are the challenges they faced. Bibliography lists three sources.

Ethiopia: History, Politics and Challenges

This 6 page paper discusses Ethiopia's history, it politics and political parties and some of the challenges it faces. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Postwar Iraq: The Necessity of Continued World Cooperation

A 15 page overview of the problems which have unfolded in postwar Iraq. The author reviews the world commitment to overcoming these problems. The contention is presented that even in the face of continued radical resistance many nations, and the United States in particular, have proven that they not only have the fortitude but also the resources to do so. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Lincoln's View of Government

A 4 page essay that discusses the view of Abraham Lincoln on the role of government and problems facing the nation during his presidency, with a particular focus on Lincoln's beliefs about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Democratization And Development In The Middle East And The Obstacles Facing This Objective After The Iraqi War

8 pages in length. The extent to which democratization and development in the Middle East is a precarious endeavor is both grand and far-reaching. While the ultimate outcome will serve to be beneficial and worth the tremendous effort, the political, economic and cultural obstacles facing this objective will prove challenging at best. That various entities seek to establish their respective approach to political development represents but one obstacle; the Iraqi people themselves reflect yet another. The United States is not daunted by these challenges, however, and looks to accomplish its goal of democratization both fully and without compromise. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Problems Facing Native American Nations

An 8 page review of the many problems confronting these indigenous peoples. This paper discusses fighting disease, poverty, dissolution of the nuclear family unit, and the many outside demands on their lands and waters, but emphasizes there is hope with a greater focus on self-government. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Critical Thought: Researching

A 5 page paper which discusses aspects of researching which requires critical thought. The paper addresses the challenges and opportunities for discovering and understanding information and adding to the knowledge base of public administration in the position of a researcher, as well as illustrating how one should address the challenges and opportunities. The information provided is derived from the textbook "Taking Language Seriously" by White and Denzin/Lincoln. No additional sources cited.

Evolution of the Races: The Value of Mitochondrial DNA Research

A 15 page overview of the application of mitochondrial DNA research to tracing the relative ages and interrelationships of the contemporary races of human beings. Distinguishes between mitochondrial and nuclear DNA. Suggests that while mitochondrial DNA is particularly suited to this type of investigation it should be remembered that it is a newly-emerged technology which should be checked and cross-checked with other information such as the fossil record and oral tradition. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Forecasting at Lincoln Community Hospital

An 8 page paper critiquing a hospital management as described in Harvard case 9-191-149, Lincoln Community Hospital. The paper reviews the actions of the Executive Committee, concluding that it lacks the information it needs to establish a strategy for halting operating losses or to produce an accurate forecast for the future. The bottom line is that Lincoln Hospital has not been managed effectively for several years, if indeed it ever was. As a nonprofit, independent hospital in the mid-1980s, it is facing intense changes in the healthcare industry in the future. It needs to begin looking at the signs of change and begin to meet those changes with a plan as to how to deal with them. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Colonial Cognizance of Native American Distinction

A 4 page overview of the fact that despite the tendency of early historians to skim over details on group distinction among Native Americans, early colonists were very aware of those distinctions. The author reviews Daniel Richter’s “Facing East from Indian Country : A Native History of Early America” and Karen Kupperman’s “Indians and English: Facing Off in Early America” to support this contention. No additional sources are listed.

George Washington's Farewell Address

5 pages. In his Farewell Address to the nation in 1796, George Washington urged American leaders to avoid entangling alliances with foreign powers and to avoid the fractiousness of political parties. While this comes across as sound advice to the nation, it was also very naïve. This paper addresses that as it applies to the War of 1812 and the evolution of the Federalist and Republican Parties. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Changing Face of Freedom in America

A 6 page paper that examines the history of America's association with freedom and the changes that this association has undergone since the nation's birth. Discussed is the meaning of freedom during the birth of the nation, throughout the twentieth century, and at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Johnson CountyWar (WY) / War Against Settlers

A 15 page argumentative, arguing that the Johnson County War was waged against small ranchers and farmers for the purpose of sustaining big business in Wyoming as opposed to the smaller enterprises of the settlers. The author argues that this is only one piece of history that supports the true American Dream—big business over the independent “cowboy”/entrepreneur. Bibliography lists 20 sources.