Beings or Simply An Obstacle to Spain?

Native Americans in Colonial Latin America: Fellow Human A 5 page discussion of the Spanish view of Native Americans in the Caribbean and Latin America. Describes Native Americans as being only an obstacle to Spanish goals. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

History of Latin Literature

A 5 page paper which examines the history of Latin literature. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

History of Organized Crime in US

A 15 page research paper that offers a history of organized crime in the US. The writer follows this history from Prohibition to the current day, concentrating on the career of Lucky Luciano, and arguing that the influence of the Mafia has declined in recent years, as Asian and Latin American gangs have gained ascendancy. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Native American Acculturation & How it Affects Educational Achievement

A 9 page exploration of cultural obstacles which face many Native Americans on their moving from the reservations into the dominant white culture and how these obstacles influence educational performance. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Marquez’ “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

A five page paper looking at the relationship of this book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez to actual Latin American history. The paper points out that while it is a mistake to make precise correlations, the book evocatively conveys the spirit of the period of the times. Bibliography lists six sources.

Native Civilizations of Latin America

A short, 4 page look at the history of pre-Columbian Latin America. Meso American civilization (mostly Aztec and Maya) is explored in this essay with reference to specific tribes (Olmec, Toltec, etc;) and large cities (ex. Tenochtitlan) that flourished. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Rise of the West, Etc.

A 5 page research paper that relies on the text The Earth and Its Peoples by Bulliet, et al (1997) to discuss three areas of history. The first section of the paper concerns the "rise of the West," the next section relates European expansionism to the Atlantic slave trade, and the final section contrasts the revolutions in Latin America to the American Revolution. No additional sources cited.

The African American Dream: Still A Dream?

A 4 page paper which examines the history of the African American people in relationship to slavery and society. The paper discusses how the African American dream is likely still a dream for many, in relationship to true equality in society. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Literature as the Mirror of History

A 5 page research paper that argues that literature has always held up a mirror to history. Karl Marx contends in his writing that all of history is the history of class welfare. While this may or may not be true, depending on one's perspective, a more compelling argument can be made that literature has, throughout its history, provided a mirror for history. The writer discusses this premise using examples from Aristophanes, Beowulf and others. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Dark History In Latin America

In 7 pages, the writer discusses the atrocities that have taken place in 2 Latin American countries [El Salvador & Argentina], and the impact of the Cold War on them. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

American Women's History

An 8 page research paper that answers 4 questions concerning American women's history drawing from Sara M. Evans' Born For Liberty (1989). The topics covered include political and legal rights during the colonial era; women's participation in the Revolutionary War; the "cult of true womanhood"; and the contribution of the "mill girls" to industrialization. No additional sources cited.

Johnson CountyWar (WY) / War Against Settlers

A 15 page argumentative, arguing that the Johnson County War was waged against small ranchers and farmers for the purpose of sustaining big business in Wyoming as opposed to the smaller enterprises of the settlers. The author argues that this is only one piece of history that supports the true American Dream—big business over the independent “cowboy”/entrepreneur. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

The Ideology of Equality Verses Practice in Early American History

A 5 page discussion of the ideology of equality which existed in the years preceding the American Revolution. Notes that while the words of Thomas Jefferson, preserved for history in the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming that all men are created equal; were far from accurate in regard to the state of race and gender relations which existed at the time. Provides the historical setting for that ideology and the movements which would follow in the nineteenth century in true quest of equality. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

In What Ways Is Reading Literary Works of Another Age Of Value To Understanding History And To Understanding One's Place In History?

3 pages in length. Learning about history occurs in many more ways than merely through textbook knowledge; indeed, history is taught through some of the most unexpected sources, not the least of which includes literary works from another age. The most important component of these primary historic informers is that they originate from the very period they are published, affording readers an unadulterated insight as to how life truly was at that time. Clearly, nothing is more valuable to both the learning of history and the learning of one's place in history than by way of the authenticity found in literary works from another age. No bibliography.

The Historical Experiences of Native Americans, Black Americans, & Chinese Americans / Comparison

In 5 pages the author compares the historical experiences of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Chinese Americans. A historical narrative of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Chinese Americans is necessary to determine the specific historical factors, social structure factors, and ideological factors that seem to have contributed to the differences in their experiences. The history of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Chinese Americans is unique to each of those groups of peoples, yet they have all been discriminated against. Bibliography lists 5 sources.