Describing Life and the Market Revolution of the 1800s

This 5 page paper is written in the form of a letter that is answering the questions about what life was like in America when the writer of the letter was a child. The writer of the letter is speaking from the perspective of the 1850s. No sources.

Sample Letter to the Army

This 3 page paper is a sample letter to the army, based on a case study submitted by a student. The letter includes information about a candidate who had left the military after lying about suicide ideation. The letter is apologetic and persuasive. No bibliography.

Letter on Civil Rights

A 5 page research paper that takes the unusual form of a letter from an attorney for the NAACP in the 1960s who has been asked to represent an African American for nonpayment of income tax. The letter is to the judge handling the case asking for dismissal. The writer bases the grounds for dismissal on the fact that Black Americans did not have full citizenship in the 1960s. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

King v. Mill/Utilitarian on Civil Rights

A 5 page essay that examines the defense that King formulated in his 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' according to the philosophical parameters of utilitarianism, which were formulated by John Stuart Mill. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

King Louis XVI: Recommended Goals for 1789

A 5 page letter to King Louis XVI. Written as though a philosophical advisor to the king in 1788 was providing advice as to goals for the upcoming year. Suggests that a greater concern for the conditions of the commoner is necessary if revolution is to be prevented. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Revolutionary Men

A 5 page paper discussing the concept of revolution and the influence that individual men have on the political changes that occur within a country. The examples are based on Vaclav Havel's Open Letters and Eduard Dune's Notes of a Red Guard. Both of these men were men of vision and both of them have a story that llustrates how one man can become involved, however subtly, and make a difference.

A Letter to Simone De Beauvoir on the 50th Anniversary of 'The Second Sex'

A 5 page letter to French philosopher and feminist Simone De Beauvoir on the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of her controversial book, 'The Second Sex,' specifically addressing its continued relevance along with ideas which are no longer applicable in a world of birth control, legalized abortion and the relaxing of social taboos. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Article Analysis: American Indian Societies

This 3 page paper analyzes selections about Native Americans in the section, "Transformation, Endurance, and Rejuvenation of American Indian Societies, 1870-1995" from the Gregory Gordon text. The various selections presented include modern day accounts as well as historical works, including letters from soldiers and Native Americans. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency Lives On

On New Year's Day, 1802, President Thomas Jefferson penned a letter to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut articulating his views on the relationship between church and state. This separation, his belief in majority rule, and in reduction in government continue to profoundly affect the government of the United States. Bibliography lists 2 sources. jvTJeffer.rtf

9/11 Memories and the Civil War

A 3 page paper which examines how a visit to the Jimmy Carter Museum and Library’s exhibit of 9/11 memorabilia could be seen as reflective of other historical events such as the Civil War. The focus of the paper is on letters and quilts. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Henry V/Letter Home from a Soldier

A 5 page essay that takes the unusual form of a letter home from a common soldier in Henry's army that discusses his life and also the execution of a fellow soldier, Bardolph, for looting. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Source documents relating the 30 Years War

A nine page paper which analyses three letters, two from Elizabeth Stuart and one from James I, which were written at the start of Frederick V's brief reign in Bohemia, and which relate to the original causes of the 30 Years War. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Why Did Many Enlightenment Thinkers Look To England As A Model Government?

This 3 page paper uses Voltaire's Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques to consider why England was seen as a good model of government by many thinkers, especially French philosophers of this time. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail

This 4 page paper argues that these two documents rely on a higher power or greater reality than what appears on the surface. Quotes are used from both sources. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Montesquieu's 'The Persian Letters'

A 5 page analysis of this classic novel of the seventeenth-century in which the writer demonstrates that Montesquieu's masterpiece reflects both the ideas and beliefs of the Enlightenment and the beginnings of the scientific revolution. Bibliography lists 2 sources.