The American Drug War

8 pages based upon findings in five journal articles which maintain that the social programs and ideas such as "The War on Drugs" are overreaching political ploys to distract our attention from the real issues at-hand. It is argued based upon statistical data and scholarly example that the "drug problem" in the U.S. is not nearly as terrible as we are led to believe it is. Writer is considerably thorough in argument. Bibliography lists the 5 sources analyzed within the body of the paper.

War Poem/Szymborska

A 5 page analysis of Wislawa Szymborska's poem "The End and the Beginning," which expresses the incongruity of war. The writer discusses how the historical focus on war has always been on the destruction, the tearing down of civilization. This poem makes the point that there is always an aftermath, the "end" of the war, which is the "beginning" of the rebuilding. Through her expert use of imagery and word choice, Szymborska first addresses the horrendous cost of war and the back-breaking task of rebuilding; and then shows why this terrible activity of humanity is so cyclical. No additional sources cited.