The American Drug War

8 pages based upon findings in five journal articles which maintain that the social programs and ideas such as "The War on Drugs" are overreaching political ploys to distract our attention from the real issues at-hand. It is argued based upon statistical data and scholarly example that the "drug problem" in the U.S. is not nearly as terrible as we are led to believe it is. Writer is considerably thorough in argument. Bibliography lists the 5 sources analyzed within the body of the paper.

Journal Article Review / Reaction Times & Intelligence

4 page review of a journal article review studying reaction times and intelligence in Korean children. One of several points built upon is that people who react more quickly to simple tasks have higher intelligence quotients. Citation information is not unavailable.

Something that Makes You Sad: Journal Entry

A three page paper which examines something that makes the student sad, this being the war in Iraq. It is for a student’s journal entry. No sources cited.

Journal Article Critique: Jung's Analytical Psychology

4 pages in length. Petteri Pietikainen's article from the October 2000 issue of the Journal of Contemporary History entitled "The 'Volk' and its Unconscious: Jung, Hauer and the 'German Revolution" discusses Jung's (1936) analytical psychology by delving into the concepts of human perception and the unconscious. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Predatory Initiators and Changing Landscapes for Warfare: An Article Review

This 5 page paper assesses the basic elements of Karen Rasler and William Thompson’s article “Predatory initiators and changing landscapes for warfare,” published in an August, 1999, issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution. This paper outlines the basic premise of the article, including an assessment of the Gartner-Siverson war initiation model. No additional sources cited.

Civil Rights Literature

A 5 page paper discussing both fiction and nonfiction civil rights literature in search of social aspects, the middle class and multiple points of view. The paper discusses The Color Purple, Confronting Authority by a former Harvard Law School professor and observations of several chronologies and journal articles. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Did the 19th Century Americans Conquer the West or Did the West Conquer Them?

This 5 page paper discusses the following two books specifically, both of which are diaries from that era: "Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark" and "The Diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin". This paper examines their experiences in the West versus their expectations and the expectations of the people of that era. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

William Randolph Hearst And Joseph Pulitzer: Yellow Journalism And The Spanish/American War

21 pages in length. It was, perhaps, the most devastating event to occur with regard to journalistic integrity, but it was bound to happen in light of growing competition within the industry. William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer were two power hungry publishers who each had his own successful newspaper. Both Hearst's New York Journal and Pulitzer's New York World provided readers with up-to-date information, along with plenty of stimulating social appeal, yet the two literary moguls were constantly competing with each other for a bigger take of the readership pie. So intense was this rivalry that the ongoing battle soon turned into an ugly, mudslinging, back stabbing display of greed and power. The writer discusses yellow journalism and the Spanish/American War as they relate to Hearst and Pulitzer. Bibliography lists 50 sources.