France, Austria and Russia

A five page paper which looks at some elements of the history of Austria, France and Russia between 1815 and 1919, with particular reference to state terrorism as a means of controlling dissent.

How Long? How Long? African American Women in the Struggle for Civil Rights

This 8 page paper provides an overview of the wya in which Belinda Robnett relates two specific themes in her book How Long? How Long? African American Women in the Struggle for Civil Rights. These themes include the role that women played in the background of the Civil Rights Movement, and the conflicts that arose from trying to view the Civil Rights Movement from a feminist perspective. Robnett recognized that women were instrumental in many aspects of the Black Power Movement, but that they were not recognized as leaders of a movement that was lead by men and seemed inherently sexist. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Russian History

This 22- page paper is comprised of four shorter papers dealing with Russia. The first is a 17-page paper that traces the history of Russia from ancient rulers, through the Romanov dynasty, the Decembrist revolution, the revolution of 1905 and the Revolution of 1917. It discusses the Communist period, and the post-Communist period, and touches on economic problems today as well as ethnic conflicts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. The second paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing some of Russia's cultural icons. Bibliography lists 1 source. The third paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing Russian and Soviet geography. Bibliography lists 2 sources. The fourth paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 2-page essay describing Russian demographics. Bibliography lists 1 source.

French Fashion Couture, 1919-1939

A 14 page paper which examines the development of French fashion couture between the period 1919-1939, concentrating on the influences of Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, and specifically addressing five factors that positively impacted upon modern women’s fashions and the worldwide appeal of French Fashion. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Weimar Republic and Third French Republic Compared

This 8 page paper compares the Weimar Republic, the government which ruled Germany between 1919 to 1933, and the Third French Republic which reigned from 1871 through 1940. Analysis focuses on political factors and addresses reasons for the collapse of each government. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Asian Revolution as a Consequence of the Versailles Treaty

A 5 page research paper on how the Versailles conference and the threat of liberal capitalism led to the cultural revolutions in China, Korea and Vietnam. The writer posits that, in effect, these revolutions promoted the containment purpose of the Versailles conference in 1919, much as nationalist fervor continues to promote this purpose in post-1989 fragmented Europe. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

The History of Race in the Twentieth Century:

This 6 page paper discusses the history of race in the twentieth century and included such major movements as slavery, segregation, desegregation, and the civil rights movement. Furthermore, many notable authors and their views on this topic are noted in this paper, such as Zinn, McBride, Mel King, and more. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Women In Early America

During the revolutionary era, at a time when North Americans proclaimed liberty and political participation as their birthright, women remained separate from the institutions of political life. This 7 page research paper examines the sociopolitical oppression of women and the beginnings of feminist activism in the United States. The writer discusses womens' productivity in the 19th century, the first school mistresses, and more. It is argued that women essentially created a female sub-culture which redefined the meaning of public life itself. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Russia and Westernization

A 5 page research paper that discusses the radical changes that Peter the Great instigated in Russia in the eighteenth century. The writer describes how Peter's goal was to reshape Russia in the cultural image of Europe. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Civil Rights Movement in American Democracy

6 pages. The Civil Rights Movement in American Democracy had a great impact on life in the 1950's and 1960's. Within this paper are discussed some of the main events of the movement, their importance, and who was involved. Some of the major organizations associated with the Civil Rights Movement are discussed as well as how it began and why. Discusses some of the final events of the outcome of the Civil Rights Movement. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Causes of the Arab-Israeli War, 1947-1948

This 4 page paper considers the Arab-Israeli War that occurred in 1947-1948 and argues that nationalist movements may be sufficient causes for the conflict. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Civil Rights Movement and Anne Moody’s “Coming of Age in Mississippi”

A 4 page paper which examines the effects of discrimination on Southern blacks during the 1950s as characterized by the lives of Moody’s family and acquaintances, the ways her life changed after leaving home for the city and going onto college, the dangers she confronted while working for racial equality in Mississippi, her later disenchantment with the civil rights movement, and how she viewed African-American attitudes as yet another obstacle to rational progress. No additional sources are used.

Different Views of the American Revolution

This 5 page paper looks at the American Revolution from two points of view. Bailyn's The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution and Jameson's American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement are compared and contrasted. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

James Meredith

This 5 page report discusses the young man who in 1962 found himself as the focal point of the civil rights movement when he became the first African American to enroll at the University of Mississippi, 'Ole Miss.' Four years later, he was gunned down while leading the 'March Against Fear,' an effort to encourage African Americans to vote. He has remained active in civil rights but his conservative views have alienated many. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


This 8 page paper discusses the history and origins of the feminist movement. Also discussed is the use of feminist rhetoric. The book Persuasion and Social Movements is used to explore the application by the women's rights movement of social rhetoric. Examples are given. Bibliography lists 5 sources.