The Ottoman Empire And The First Balkan War

12 pages in length. As a bold statement against the existing Ottoman Empire, an authority that had been in operation since the early sixteenth century, the First Balkan War was in response to the Young Turks having spread their fingers of control well beyond any reasonable extent. This particular monarchy, which held power for almost four hundred years, was something the Balkan people had long accepted as their lot in life; however, the twentieth century brought with it a decline in the authority of the Ottoman Empire along with the dependence inherent to unwanted political subjugation. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

The History of the Middle East

This 10 page paper provides an overview of some of the central questions on the history of the Middle East. This paper outlines the major issues in Safavid history, the decentralization of the Ottoman Empire, the causes and course of the Crusades and perspectives on the Israel/Palestine conflict in the role of the United States. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Middle Eastern History

An 8 page research paper that discusses various aspects of Middle Eastern history. Topics covered include the coinage of the term "Middle East," and the rise and fall of the Ottoman and Safavid Empires. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Winston Churchill & Empire

A 15 page research essay exploring Churchill's protectionist desire to maintain the British Empire at all costs, even when this included forging a permanent alliance with its old enemy, the United States. Explored briefly is the extent of the empire, a historiography of some of Churchill's attempts at maintaining the empire, and the reasons behind his ultimate failure. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

1676/ Stephen S. Webb

A 5 page research paper that examines the thesis proposed by historian Stephen S .Webb in his book '1676: The End of American Independence.' Webb suggests that the root cause of the discord during 1676 was the independent ways of the American colonists and that their submission to empire was its cure. The writer argues against this position, while discussing the details of Bacon's Rebellion and King Philip's War. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Jack A. Goldstone and the Causes of Revolution

This 6 page report discusses Goldstone’s model of how political and social revolution occurs. In his 1991 book “Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World,” he outlines four specific factors that are in place and encourage a revolution to take place. He explains that at some point in the past 500 years, early every nation on Earth has experienced some form of revolution. He believes that those revolutions either began inside of their own boundaries or they were transmitted because of a revolution occurring in a neighboring country. His analysis of revolution and rebellion in England, France, and the Ottoman and Chinese empires provides a framework for examining the development of human history in terms of the interactions between ideologies and cultures. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Women’s Participation in Revolutionary Activities: A Look at Mary Jemison

This 5 page paper considers the nature of the role of women during the 18th and early 19th centuries and especially during the period of the American Revolution and considered the impact of their role in specific political activities. In particular, this paper considers examples like Mary Jemison and their importance during the revolutionary era. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Slavery in Cape Colony, Prior To and After 1815

This 22 page research paper provides examination of literature, which investigates the nature slavery in Cape Colony prior to and after 1815, which is when Cape Colony was officially annexed by the British and became a colony of the British Empire. Bibliography lists 40 sources.

War & Technology / U.S. (1770-1870)

A 5 page research paper on how the U.S. employed existing technology for warfare during this period, rather than investing in war technologies. Only one weapon was invented by an American during this period, although peacetime technologies were converted during wartime. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

American History of Anti-Semitism

A 5 page discussion of the depths that anti-Semitism sometimes flow in our own country. While acknowledging this hatred and bias that has been constructed against Jews, the author of this paper denounces the growing tendency to indict the Roosevelt administration as anti-Semitic. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Churches and the French Revolution

A 10 page which examines churches during the French Revolution. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Importance of Assyrian History

A 3 page paper which examines the importance and significance of the Assyrian Empire history. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

"The Life of James Madison" by Gaillard Hunt

A 5 page paper which examines the book "The Life of James Madison" by Gaillard Hunt. The book is also discussed in comparison with another work which focuses on James Madison titled "If Men Were Angels James Madison and the Heartless Empire of Reason" by Richard K Matthews. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Land Problem and the Collapse of the Roman Republic

This 8 page paper traces the problems that developed as the Empire expanded, specifically in regard to land, and argues that these difficulties led to civil war, and to a government so corrupt that it brought about the collapse of the Republic. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Opium War, 1840-1842: Barbarians in the Celestial Empire in the Early Part of the Nineteenth Century and the War by Which They Forced Her Gates by Peter Ward Fay

This 5 page paper is a critique of the book Opium War, 1840-1842: Barbarians in the Celestial Empire in the Early Part of the Nineteenth Century and the War by Which They Forced Her Gates by Peter Ward Fay, looking at the content as well as the general approach, underlying research and the style of the writing. The bibliography cites 4 sources.