African Slave Trade / 3 Views

A 5 page analysis of three articles on the origins of slavery. Eric Williams, Winthrop D. Jordan and David Brion Davis offer three contrasting views on the origins of slavery and how slavery interacted with the development of racism. While each view is logical and based on historical fact, the three perspectives differ considerably in their basic premise. The writer discusses each while analyzing their similarities and differences. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The American Revolution According To Bailyn & Woods

A 6 page paper discussing and comparing views of the American Revolution as portrayed by Bernard Bailyn in 'The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution' and Gordon Wood in 'The Radicalism of the American Revolution.' No additional sources cited.

A Positive Slope on the Demand Curve - A Marketing Assessment

A 5 page paper that critically assesses the argument that for some goods, the economics demand curve may exhibit a positive slope. Presented is an example using the current cola war between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and a shift in demand curve slope that could possibly occur were the equilibrium of this market disturbed. Also briefly discussed is the origin of this marketing assessment standard as introduced in Alfred Marshall's 1890 publication of Principles of Economics. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Dominican Republic, Its History and People

This 3 page research paper reports on the history of the Dominican Republic. The writer discusses the history of its settlement, its association with pirates, its language and the ethnic origins of its people. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Ku Klux Klan: Race And Law Perspectives

10 pages in length. To understand the Klan's motivation is to first comprehend their beginning. Having existed for several decades with beliefs of racial superiority, the Klan has come to represent everything wrong with society. It can be argued that all the ill will, strife and discord that occurs even in today's world can be attributed somewhat to the origins of racism. Without such intolerance, there would be no war; there would be no need to fight people for their land, their people or their existence. The writer discusses the origins and legal concerns in relation to the KKK. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The Power of the Star Wars Myth

This 5 page paper looks at Star Wars and the myth it contains. The origin of alien myths are explored. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 8 page paper discusses the history and origins of the feminist movement. Also discussed is the use of feminist rhetoric. The book Persuasion and Social Movements is used to explore the application by the women's rights movement of social rhetoric. Examples are given. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Great Lakes’ Fleets During the War of 1812

An 8 page paper which examines the making of the Lake Erie and Ontario Fleets, which were the origins of the war’s Great Lakes’ fleets. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Black Slavery During Seventeenth Century America

A 9 page overview of what life was like for seventeenth century African slaves in the American colonies. The author traces the slave experience from its point of origin in Africa to the homes of the white slave owners. This paper emphasizes that the African American slave experience was quite diverse. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

General Overview of the First Crusade

A 5 page paper provides a general overview of the first religious crusade, its origins and its implications. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

History of the Guillotine

This 5 page paper presents a description and overview of this item once used as the primary means of execution. Its origin, which was in revolutionary France, is the focus of the paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Enlightenment In America

Origins of the Enlightenment in America are explored in this 5 page paper. The ideas, events and conditions that led up to the era are discussed, in both Europe and America, with an emphasis on the latter. The American Revolution is reported as being integral to the Enlightenment and the influence of prominent figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are also noted. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The War in Iraq is Not Justified

This 15 page paper asks the question: Is the War Justified? Using Just War Theory along with various opinions, it is argued that the war is not justifiable. The origin of the war is discussed as well as how it fits into the larger war on terror. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Origins of the French Revolution:

This 4 page paper examines the many divergent causes of the French Revolution, stressing the variety of causes that perpetuated the eventual revolution. More specifically, this paper discusses many of the political, social, intellectual, and religious concerns that formed the origins of the French Revolution. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Responses to the American Revolution

A 5 page research paper that examines the origins of the American Revolution and how the outcome was often in jeopardy. The writer demonstrates both sides in this historical conflict and argues that it was mainly Washington's leadership that enabled the American forces to be victorious. Bibliography lists 3 sources.