The Reformation, Counter-Reformation, and Scientific Revolution

This 3 page paper explores the relationship among the Reformation, Counter-Reformation and Scientific Revolution. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Scientific Revolution:

This 3 page paper outlines the contributions and achievements of Galilei, Kepler and Copernicus. Furthermore, this paper details the ways in which their scientific contributions altered the way man understood himself in the universe. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Average Women's Contribution To History in the Early Twentieth Century

An 8 page paper looking at the way women's contributions to our culture have fundamentally altered American history in the early part of this century. The paper contends that even if women's political contributions are ignored, changing social attitudes - changed by women, from within -- toward such issues as consumerism, contraception, and working outside the home transformed our culture. Bibliography lists five sources.

Duffy & Thomas/Comparing Views on Medieval English Religion

A 5 page analysis of Eamon Duffy's The Stripping of the Altars and Keith Thomas' Religion and the Decline of Magic. The writer argues that Duffy differs from the standard view of this period and the causes of the Reformation, while Thomas, essentially, supports the standard view. No additional sources cited.

Periods in History: Western Civilization

A 3 page paper which defines and examines Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, and Scientific Revolution as they influenced the development of Western civilization. Bibliography lists 1 source.

The Revolution of Reformation

A 3 page paper which discusses the importance of the Reformation as a revolution. Bibliography lists 1 source.

The French Revolution

A 6 page paper that discusses times and events that influenced the beginning of the Revolution. The writer discusses the Age of Reason, Renaissances, major people during that time and events like the Reformation and publications of major thinkers. Certain terms had to be used and are underlined in the paper. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Thomas Jefferson

This 14 page paper discusses the many contributions Jefferson made to American government and society. His ideological vision of human kind, however, was somewhat different than his practical vision. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Balanchine, Diaghilev and The Evolution of Ballet

This 8 page paper discusses George Balanchine and Serge Diaghilev and their contributions to dance. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Survival of the Fittest

This 3 page essay looks at Herbert Spencer's contributions to sociology. His primary concept is illustrated using modern day examples.The concept of the roles that war and morality play is included. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Renaissance, the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution

A 5 page research paper that examine how these three periods of history reworked the nature of Western civilization and brought it from the Middle Ages into the modern era, by bringing about a totally different perspective on reality and instituting changes that are still evident in today's society and thought processes. Bibliography contains 4 sources.

The Protestant Reformation and French Revolution Compared

This 6 page paper compares these two eras in terms of socioeconomic, cultural and political aspects. The nature of emphasis on religion is also explored. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Scientific Revolution and the Protestant Reformation

A 5 page overview of the many developments that occurred in the seventeenth century. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Age Of The Common Man

5 pages in length. The span of years between the 1820s and the 1840s has come to be known as The Age of the Common Man, an historical period in time in which many important changes took place in American society with regard to political, economical and social concerns. Indeed, one of the most critical aspects of this particular era was the fact that political reforms were designed as a means by which to place more power into hands of the common man; however, these designs were not without counter movements that attempted to impede such progress. Religion, too, played an integral role in the overall establishment of social shaping and reformation, as did the changing role of family and women's traditional place within the social structure. Additionally, the growth of immigration and the slave system had made their way to the forefront of American concern. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin

This 3 page paper discusses the book “Revolutionary Mothers” by Carol Berkin, about the contribution women made to the American fight for independence. Bibliography lists 3 sources.