The Arab-Israeli Conflict Compared to Modern Wars in the Gulf

This 8 page report discusses key themes in the conflicts that have taken place and continue to occur in the Middle East. The processes of territorial change in the Arab-Israeli conflict must be examined as both a unique case and as a recurrent pattern. There are also fundamental issues that cross the cultural and non-secular issues inherent in Middle East conflicts. Such issues include the lasting effects of colonialism, nationalist sentiments, economic policies, and the development and production of oil resources. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Causes of the Arab-Israeli War, 1947-1948

This 4 page paper considers the Arab-Israeli War that occurred in 1947-1948 and argues that nationalist movements may be sufficient causes for the conflict. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Spanish Civil War: Success of the Nationalists

A 5 page paper which discusses the Spanish Civil War as it relates to the success of the Nationalists. The statement that the Nationalists won this war due to help from allies is argued as correct. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Crown Heights Riots of 1991

This 8 page paper looks at the conflicts that ensued in Brooklyn New York, inclusive of the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum. How the conflict started, and how it could have been resolved in this community that was torn apart, is evaluated. Rothman's methods of conflict resolution are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Russian History

This 22- page paper is comprised of four shorter papers dealing with Russia. The first is a 17-page paper that traces the history of Russia from ancient rulers, through the Romanov dynasty, the Decembrist revolution, the revolution of 1905 and the Revolution of 1917. It discusses the Communist period, and the post-Communist period, and touches on economic problems today as well as ethnic conflicts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. The second paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing some of Russia's cultural icons. Bibliography lists 1 source. The third paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing Russian and Soviet geography. Bibliography lists 2 sources. The fourth paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 2-page essay describing Russian demographics. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Russia and Westernization

A 5 page research paper that discusses the radical changes that Peter the Great instigated in Russia in the eighteenth century. The writer describes how Peter's goal was to reshape Russia in the cultural image of Europe. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Asian Revolution as a Consequence of the Versailles Treaty

A 5 page research paper on how the Versailles conference and the threat of liberal capitalism led to the cultural revolutions in China, Korea and Vietnam. The writer posits that, in effect, these revolutions promoted the containment purpose of the Versailles conference in 1919, much as nationalist fervor continues to promote this purpose in post-1989 fragmented Europe. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

“The Battle of Saratoga”

A twenty five page paper which looks at the strategies involved in the Battle of Saratoga of 1777, and the events which led up to this turning-point in the War of Independence. The paper considers such factors as the difficulties which the British commanders found in implementing their military tactics, the problems which arose as a result of poor communication in the field, the importance of intelligence and counter-intelligence in several of the American victories prior to Saratoga and the part that the murder of Jane McCrea played in motivating the colonists outside of the New England region into joining the conflict. Bibliography lists 9 sources

Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson: Symbolic of the Dichotomy in the Early United States

In three pages this paper examines how the conflict between these important figures in early America reflect the opposition that existed in the new United States at the time. Two sources are listed in the bibliography.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A 10 page paper that explores the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The causes of and the effects of religious conflicts between nations are both social and political. The conflicts are about authority, cultural practices, national boundaries, and personal sovereignty. The writer provides a brief historical timeline of events between 1922 and 1993 as well as the issues of conflict. For one thing, the very same sixty-square-acre piece of land is held sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Comments are offered on the peace process between these two nations. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

John Dower/ "War Without Mercy"

A 5 page summation and analysis of the major points in John Dower's War Without Mercy. In this book, Dower examines the conflict in the Pacific during World War II from the perspective of how it represented long-standing attitudes and racial prejudices. Dower shows how both sides—Axis and Allied—saw the conflict as a "holy war for national survival and glory" (3). No additional sources cited.

Slavery and Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

A 5 page paper which examines how Mark Twain’s personal attitudes about the issue of slavery may have been incorporated into his classic novel, considering specifically whether or not the conflict between Huck’s ambivalence about slavery and his affection for Jim reflected Twain’s own inner conflict. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Rwandan Civil War

A 5 page overview of the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Rwanda which culminated in a bloody civil war in 1994 in which the Hutu majority tried to exterminate the Tutsi minority. The writer gives the historical background which led up to this conflict showing the multiple causal factors which contributed to this genocidal effort. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Should there be a Utilitarian Approach by the Media when Reporting on War?

This 8 page paper considers the role of the media when reporting on war. The paper focuses on the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, but can be applied to other conflict. The writer looks at how the reporting may serve the philosophy of the greatest good, and how reports may conflict with commercial interests. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

The Reasons Why Certain Conflicts Could Not Be Contained

This 5 page paper looks at why the Bosnian Crisis of 1908-1909 and the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913 did not develop into a general European conflict. The reasons for World War I are noted and the conflicts listed are discussed in depth. The idea of an East versus West mentality is explored Bibliography lists 6 sources.