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Presentations of Colonialism

A 3 page essay/research paper that discusses how colonialism is viewed in three different works. Presentations of colonialism in novels and film can differ remarkably in their focus and perspective, and, in so doing, each work shows a different facet of the complex experience of colonized peoples and how European domination served to radically alter their lives, both during the era of colonialism and for generations to come. For example, Jamaica Kincaid's non-fiction commentary on her island home Antigua describes the observable and lingering effects of colonialism on the lives and psyches of this island people. Chinua Achebe, on the other hand, fictionalizes his comments on colonialism in Nigeria in his classic novel Things Fall Apart. Similarly, director Roland Joffe addresses the topic of colonialism in a fictionalized account of historical events in his 1986 film The Mission. No additional sources cited.

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