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The Development of Russian art from the Mid Nineteenth Century to the Mid Twentieth Century

The writer presents an in-depth and holistic view of Russian art from the Rebellion of the 14 in 1963, where thirteen artists, plus one sculptor rebelled against the rules that were laid down by the St Petersburg Academy of Arts and established a degree of independence. The development of different styles resulting from various, social, political and artistic influences along with some of the major artists and their works. These include Russian realism and Russian impressionism influenced by international artists as well as domestic artists. The 20th century sees the October revolution and the rise to power of the Bolsheviks which impacts on the art world, with the emergence of socialist realism and soviet realism which sought to control the artistic output of the artists and then the severe style which emerged during the period known as the ‘thaw’, following the death of Stalin and the relaxation of controls. The paper includes plates of many works discussed. Sixty none sources are cited in the bibliography of this two hundred and sixty three page paper.

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