Forgiveness and Reconciliation

This 4 page paper provides an overview of the issue of forgiveness and reconciliation for two warring factions of a fictional country, Kundu. This paper outlines the theories put forth by two psychologists, who relate the need for the goal of reconciliation in inciting forgiveness. Bibliography lists 1 source.

What We Lost in WWI/Article Analysis

A 4 page article analysis of J.S. Gordon's essay "What We Lost in the Great War." The writer argues that Gordon offers a different, insightful perspective on history that discusses not only events, but puts those events into the context of how they were viewed by the people at the time. In other words, Gordon makes his readers look at the history of the modern era in a new, and insightful, way. In order to accomplish this, Gordon summarizes history in a writing style that is both concise and effective and concludes his article by offering a reconciliation with the past. No additional sources cited.

Russia and Westernization

A 5 page research paper that discusses the radical changes that Peter the Great instigated in Russia in the eighteenth century. The writer describes how Peter's goal was to reshape Russia in the cultural image of Europe. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Russian History

This 22- page paper is comprised of four shorter papers dealing with Russia. The first is a 17-page paper that traces the history of Russia from ancient rulers, through the Romanov dynasty, the Decembrist revolution, the revolution of 1905 and the Revolution of 1917. It discusses the Communist period, and the post-Communist period, and touches on economic problems today as well as ethnic conflicts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. The second paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing some of Russia's cultural icons. Bibliography lists 1 source. The third paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing Russian and Soviet geography. Bibliography lists 2 sources. The fourth paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 2-page essay describing Russian demographics. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Politics, Religion & Native American Identity

A 5 page paper that explores and examines the theme of the reconciliation of the heritage of Native American politics and religion with that of the heritage of the politics and religion of European colonization in twentieth century literature. Discussed and compared are John Neihardt's 1932 publication of Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, Scott Momaday's 1969 publication of The Way to Rainy Mountain, and Michael Dorris' and Louise Erdrich's 1991 publication of The Crown of Columbus. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Justification of Slavery, or the Lack Thereof

A five page paper contrasting the view of slavery described in Winston Churchill's 'The Great Democracies' (Volume Four of 'A History of the English-Speaking Peoples') with Austin Steward's slave narrative 'Twenty Two Years a Slave, and Forty Years a Freeman.' The paper points out that Churchill's view of the Civil War was colored by the fact that he considered the African mentality barbaric and the slaves' existence tolerable -- a fact contradicted by Steward's first-hand account. No additional sources.


This 3 page paper reviews Fatic's book, REconciliation via the WAr Crimes Tribunal. Negative review with examples. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Native American Views On Custer

An 8 page paper analyzing the Native American view of Custer and the battle at Little Big Horn that they should have won. The analysis is based on their spiritual views on land preservation and how the preservation has been their spiritual duty for 20 million years. This is contrasted to the U.S. settler's views of autonomy on a new land, and the belief that they also received this land in exchange of developing the 'right' form of government. The Native American view concentrates on the vision as interpreted by Crazy Horse and the council of Chiefs of that time period. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Wilfred Owen's 'Dulce Et Decorum est' vs. Yusef Komunyakaa's 'Facing It'

This 5 page essay compares and contrasts two poems written more than seventy years apart and that both speak to the futility and waste of war. The essay briefly addresses the tone, point of view, and subject matter, as well as proving the point that. No additional sources cited.

Two Versions of Indiana History: A Review of the August 1, 1997 Article by Lucy Hoyce Kamau in “History Today”

A 5 page critical literature review of “Out of Harmony” written by Lucy Hoyce Kamau. Discusses the author’s effective illustration that the “official” history of Posey County Indiana presented by the New Harmony Museum provides only a distorted view of the communal Harmonists and Owenists who occupied the area for a brief period of time in the early 1800s. Stresses that the role of the common farmer and other occupants of the area is more adequately presented in the folk history of the area. No other sources listed.

Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency Lives On

On New Year's Day, 1802, President Thomas Jefferson penned a letter to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut articulating his views on the relationship between church and state. This separation, his belief in majority rule, and in reduction in government continue to profoundly affect the government of the United States. Bibliography lists 2 sources. jvTJeffer.rtf

Sexual Harassment

A 6 page paper that begins with the legal definition of sexual harassment and the two types defined by the U.S. Supreme Court. The paper discusses what conduct can be viewed as harassment, the impact of this conduct, and what the victim and employer should do. The writer provides comments directed at human resource managers. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Liberty from 1776 to 2000

This 11 page paper looks at the way in which Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine viewed the concept of liberty. Liberty as it exists today is looked at and the legacy of the two great men are incorporated in the overall analysis. The Declaration of Independence is quoted. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

English Colonists Perceptions and Beliefs as Applied to Native Americans

A 7 page overview of early colonial interactions with Native Americans. The manner in which European colonists viewed the Native Americans whose lands they invaded varied both according to geography and according to time. The Puritans as a whole would proclaim their belief that all people were equal before God. Puritan proclamation and act, however, were two different things. In practice, race, class, and literacy were salient issues.

Different Views of the American Revolution

This 5 page paper looks at the American Revolution from two points of view. Bailyn's The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution and Jameson's American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement are compared and contrasted. Bibliography lists 2 sources.