Reign of Terror & The Revolutionary War in France (1789)

This 5 page essay discusses the infamous Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. The author proposes that the Reign of Terror was inevitable. The thrust of the Revolution made this so. The juxtaposition of the people resulted in the slaughter of many. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

War With Iraq:

This 5 page paper discusses why war with Iraq will protect the U.S. from future terrorist attacks. This paper asserts that without disabling the networks which produce terror, the terror is destined to continue. Bibliography lists 1 source.

How the Media Portrays the Use of Torture in the “War on Terror”

This 5 page paper considers the way the media portrays the use of terror in the “War on Terror.” Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Thoreau on Slavery

A 7 page research paper that discusses the stance of Henry David Thoreau on slavery and how this stance coincides with this transcendental idealism. The writer argues that examination of this issue in Thoreau's life shows a slow evolution from passive resistance to open admiration for the action taken by violent abolitionists, such as Brown, and within the context of this evolution, Thoreau's stance on slavery was in perfect keeping with his transcendentalism. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

“The War Against the Terror Masters” by Michael A. Ledeen

A 4 page review of Michael A. Ledeen’s work “The War Against the Terror Masters.” Bibliography lists one additional source.

Support for the War in Iraq

This 5 page paper highlights reasons why the war is necessary and how the outcome will be positive. The war on terror is discussed in general as well. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Progression Of The French Revolution: Constitutional Monarchy To The Reign Of Terror To The Napoleonic Era

3 pages in length. The French Revolution quickly turned into a relentless deluge of death that culminated by creating a Republic and executing the king and queen. From its roots as a constitutional reform movement instigated by an assemblage of aristocrats to its ultimate climax that left people fearful of whose hands would ultimately control their beloved homeland, there were a number of variables that helped to motivate the progression of this battle, not the least of which includes constitutional monarchy, the Reign of Terror and the Napoleonic era. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Children of the Wars in El Salvador & Guatemala

This 20 page paper examines the suffering, abuse, and terror faced by children in these two countries during the countries' civil wars. The health effects, beyond the obvious physical damages, suffered by these children are also briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

The War in Iraq is Not Justified

This 15 page paper asks the question: Is the War Justified? Using Just War Theory along with various opinions, it is argued that the war is not justifiable. The origin of the war is discussed as well as how it fits into the larger war on terror. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Can We Win the "War on Terror"?

This 3 page paper discusses the methods we can use to win the "war on terror" and whether or not it can be won in the first place. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Defending Robespierre

This 3 page paper discusses a possible defense for Robespierre, the man known as "Master of the Terror" during the French Revolution. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A Comparison Between the Cold War and the Long War

This 5 page paper compares and contrasts the Cold War with the War on Terror, or what some call the Long War. Research is provided to support the assumptions. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Transferring All Detainees Captured In The "War On Terror" - Pro/Con

5 pages in length. Exploring two ethical theories – categorical imperativism and ethical egoism – helps one to gain a significantly better understanding as to why the Bush Administration should immediately transfer all detainees captured in the "War on Terror" to civilian detention centers and afford them with all of the due process rights that would pertain to them in the civilian judicial system but will most likely not do so. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 4-page paper discusses the role of the U.S. military in the war on terror. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Australia and the War on Terror

This 3 page paper looks at the role of Australia and Australian forces in the war on terror and their support to the USD forces. The paper assesses the reason for Australia involvement and looks at the involvement between 2001 and 2012. The bibliography cites 6 sources.