Marketing Questions: Mass Customization

A 7 page paper in two parts, each addressing separate marketing questions. Part I discusses a 2004 magazine article addressing the shift from mass marketing to "micro marketing" and what it could mean to marketers, consumers and the US economy. Part II assesses primary product categories and market segments of Amy and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES), the company that operates post exchange stores on US military bases. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Asian Revolution as a Consequence of the Versailles Treaty

A 5 page research paper on how the Versailles conference and the threat of liberal capitalism led to the cultural revolutions in China, Korea and Vietnam. The writer posits that, in effect, these revolutions promoted the containment purpose of the Versailles conference in 1919, much as nationalist fervor continues to promote this purpose in post-1989 fragmented Europe. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Russian History

This 22- page paper is comprised of four shorter papers dealing with Russia. The first is a 17-page paper that traces the history of Russia from ancient rulers, through the Romanov dynasty, the Decembrist revolution, the revolution of 1905 and the Revolution of 1917. It discusses the Communist period, and the post-Communist period, and touches on economic problems today as well as ethnic conflicts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. The second paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing some of Russia's cultural icons. Bibliography lists 1 source. The third paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing Russian and Soviet geography. Bibliography lists 2 sources. The fourth paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 2-page essay describing Russian demographics. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Cuba's Economy

A 5 page paper discussing the Cuban economy and Castro's claim that the country is moving toward a market economy. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: Casualties of Cold War Hysteria

A 6 page (4 pp. + 2 pp. Annotated Bibliography) paper that evaluates the Communist hysteria that gripped America during the late 1940s and early 1950s and evaluates the allegations that led to the arrest and trial of the New York couple on espionage charges. Specifically considered are whether they received a fair trial led to their arrest, conviction, and ultimately their execution in June 1953 in light of the rampant anti-Communist sentiments of the time. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Industrial Revolution that is the Internet

Computerization and the emerging information highway is transforming the American economy. Computers are changing the composition and distribution of labor, improving labor efficiency, and creating new markets and new forms of organizations. The advent of the Internet has led to a shift in the market strategy that can be compared with the changes that were wrought with the Industrial Revolution. This 8 page paper examines the similarities between the Industrial Revolution and the advent of the Internet. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The French Economy

This 8 page paper (plus 1 page appendix) considers the economic position of France. The recent past as well as the success of financial predictions are used as a tool to look to the future of the this, the second largest economy in Europe. Other factors considered include membership of the single European currency; the Euro, public spending, unemployment, interest rates, cultural expectations as well as the economic base of the country. The paper includes two graphs and cites 8 sources.

Economic Factors of the Industrial Revolution

A 3 page paper discussing how the advent of the Industrial Revolution affected local economic relationships that previously had been in effect, and how ultimately those changes gave rise to changes in the stock market structure. Lack of governance allowed entanglements that would be illegal today, allowing the crash of the market in 1929 to cripple the economy for the duration of the Great Depression. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Gearing Up for War: Europe 1939

This 8 page paper discusses conditions in Europe on the eve of World War II. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Communist Manifesto: Its Development and Changes Based on the Revolutions in Europe

This is a 5 page paper discussing the Communist Manifesto from its formation and the influence of the French Revolution to its revision inspired by the European revolutions of 1848, the year it was published. The revised Manifesto emphasized action and interaction and was adopted by the European unions which still are strong symbols today of the equality working classes within the state. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The End Of Slavery

This 5 page paper discusses the end of slavery and the transition from slave labor to free labor. Relying on the work of Foner and Berlin and colleagues, the writer explains that the Reconstruction era was one of confusion and controversy. The first part of the essay critiques Foner's narrative in his book, including his use of the comparative model in Nothing But Freedom. A premise is offered: The transition from slave labor to free labor was more important to establishing post-war freedoms that was African-American military service. The statement is defended because the contribution of black regiments in the Civil War were soon forgotten. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Iranian Economy

11 pages in length. The Iranian economy has gone through many volatile stages after the Islamic Revolution. Many things have served to impact the economy in Iran including such things as the hostage crisis, the U. S. embargo, Iraq and the war on the economy. By taking a closer look at each of these it will be easier to understand why the economy has been unstable and perhaps what it would take to stabilize. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Imperialistic Activity in the 19th Century

5 pages. This paper is an analysis of imperialistic activity during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The imminence of world war had a significant impact upon Europe's transition to democracy before 1914. With the implication of being an inter-imperialist conflict among capitalist leaders, its threatening presence promised to inflict such detrimental impact that it would endanger the very presence of capitalism as it existed in Europe during that period. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Post Cold War Europe

A five page paper which looks at the implications of the end of the Cold War for Europe in political, social and economic terms, and with particular reference to issues of security in both Europe itself and the former superpowers. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Why The Scientific Revolution Was In Europe And Not China

A 4 page paper. If China had living standards that were comparable to those in Europe and if they had offered the world so many innovations, why did the scientific revolution not occur in China as it did in Europe? This is a question that has been debated for decades. This essay discusses the thoughts of a number of experts. Bibliography lists 6 sources.