Absolutism vs. Relativism Analyzed

This 10 page research paper examines this historic philosophical argument through definition and example. Specifically discussed are the philosophical writings of the Greek Sophists, Niccolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, St. Thomas Aquinas, Michel de Montaigne, William James and Jean-Paul Sartre. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Volcanic Eruption of Mount St. Helens

This 6 page paper discusses Mount St. Helens in Washington State and its 1980 eruption. Environmental effect, brief history of the area, impact of the destruction and long range predictions for the area are all briefly covered. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Eliza and Marie in Uncle Tom's Cabin

This 4 page essay is on the characters of Eliza Harris and Marie St. Clare in Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin." The writer argues that Eliza, a slave, fits the nineteenth century societal ideal for women, while Marie, a plantation owner's wife, does not. Bibliography lists only the novel.

The May Day Protests Attached to the Occupy Movement

This 4 page paper examines the May Day protests of 2012. The Occupy movement is examined. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Legality of Iraq War

This 26 page paper examines the justification for the Iraq war. The discussion starts by looking at the UN Charter and the circumstances under which military force is allowed. The background to the war is examined, including the repeated breaching of UN resolutions by the Iraqi government, The war itself is then considered along with the justification given by the UK, Australia and the US, including reference to the various resolutions. 26 sources are cited in the paper.

Views on the Economy Compared (Bush, Kerry and Nader)

This 4 page paper examines the economic views of these three politicians. A hypothetical situation is examined. What would these three do if there were a depression in 2007? Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Maxine Hong Kingston/Warrior Woman

A 4 page research paper that has 2 sections. The first section compares the tradition of slavery in China, as described by Kingston's mother, with slavery in the history of St. Thomas. The writer speculates on how this makes the student researching this topic feel. The second section offers a short essay on the mother/daughter conflict portrayed in "Shaman," which is part of Kingston's book Warrior Woman. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Righteous War Examined Within the Context of R.K. Narayan’s Translation of “The Ramayana”

A 3 page paper which discusses whether or not there is actually such a legitimate notion as a righteous war. No additional sources are used.

Examining Aspects of the Korean War

This 8 page paper considers what the Korean War was, the causes of the conflict, different historical interpretations of it, and its impact, both positive and negative. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Examining the Civil Rights Act

This is a 4 page paper that provides an overview of the Civil Rights Act. Each Title is examined in turn. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Review of Mearsheimer and Walt's article "An Unnecessary War"

This 4 page paper reviews an article written by Mearsheimer & Walt titled "An Unnecessary War" about the Second Gulf War. The content and analysis provided are examined and considered in the context of other articles, theories, and subsequent events. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Important African American Figures in Science, Math, and Politics

This is 10 page paper that provides an overview of African American figures in science, math, and politics. Figures such as Huey Newton and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Victorian Era - Its Gender Rules and Roles

The Victorian Era – Its Gender Rules and Roles: This 10-page analytical essay examines the 19th century issues relevant to gender roles during the Victorian Era in Middlemarch, George Eliot’s novel, and E. M. Forster’s A Room with a View. Multiply examples of the morphing society are given, in addition to historians’ postulates relative to the ultimate change. Although the “gendering” of culture in the late Victorian period has been recognized, much about the specific dynamics of these processes still remains to be explored and uncovered. Bibliography lists 7 sources. SNGender.doc

"Frontier Regulars" by Robert M. Utley

A 5 page paper which examines the thesis and main points of Robert M. Utley's book, "Frontier Regulars: The United States Army and the Indian, 1866-1891." No additional sources cited.

The Impact of European Diseases on the Native American

A 10 page exploration of the impacts of European introduced disease on the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas. Examines both biological and cultural reasons for the susceptibility of the Native peoples to these diseases. Bibliography lists 9 sources.