War, Revolution & Peace in Russia / The Passages of Frank Golder, 1914-1927

A 6 page analytical overview of this book, edited and introduced by Terence Emmons and Bertrand Patenaude. No additional sources cited.

The Cold War: Causes, Treaties, and Ongoing Tensions

This 6 page paper traces the root causes of the Cold War all the way back to the Russian Civil War and discusses how the tensions between the US and Russia magnified during the middle war years and World War II. Incidents such as the Cuban Missile Crisis almost resulted in full-out war. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Impact of the Iran Revolution on the Relations between the Super Powers

In 1979 the Iranian Revolution had an impact on the cold war. Prior to the revolution the government was aligned with the US, following the revolution there was a significant shift. This 4 page paper looks at how and why the revolution impacted on the international political relationship between the US and the Soviet Union. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Russian History

This 22- page paper is comprised of four shorter papers dealing with Russia. The first is a 17-page paper that traces the history of Russia from ancient rulers, through the Romanov dynasty, the Decembrist revolution, the revolution of 1905 and the Revolution of 1917. It discusses the Communist period, and the post-Communist period, and touches on economic problems today as well as ethnic conflicts. Bibliography lists 6 sources. The second paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing some of Russia's cultural icons. Bibliography lists 1 source. The third paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 3-page essay describing Russian and Soviet geography. Bibliography lists 2 sources. The fourth paper, which is incorporated into the whole, is a 2-page essay describing Russian demographics. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Did The American Revolution Help Spur The French Revolution ?

A 14 page comparison & contrast research paper citing the causes, actions, and results of each of these historic revolutions. The writer concludes that each war was fought for obviously different reasons and in markedly different ways. Nevertheless, the American Revolution did have some influence upon the French Revolution even though the latter would have occurred eventually anyway. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources.

“Three Strikes”: A Review of the Early History of Labor Unrest

A 5 page analysis of the circumstances and meanings presented in the book by Howard Zinn, Dana Frank, and Robin Kelley. Broken into three major sections, each authored by either Zinn, Frank, or Kelley, this book details the bloody Colorado Coal Strike of 1913-1914, the Detroit Woolworth's Strike of 1937, and the New York Musicians Strike of 1936-1937. Although only the Detroit Woolworth Strike was won, these labor strikes will forever memorialize internal labor movement relations of the early half of the twentieth century. The author of this paper contends that the progress made in these strikes are directly applicable to the contemporary working environment as well. No additional sources are listed.

The American Revolution: A Fight for Independence

A 5 page paper which backs the argument that states the revolution was really nothing more than a war for independence. The paper discusses aspects that help to illustrate how the war was one of independence, rather than revolution. In addressing this issue, the paper also discusses events that led to the war, economic, political, psychological, and societal aspects of the war, and the concept of salutary neglect. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Imperialistic Activity in the 19th Century

5 pages. This paper is an analysis of imperialistic activity during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The imminence of world war had a significant impact upon Europe's transition to democracy before 1914. With the implication of being an inter-imperialist conflict among capitalist leaders, its threatening presence promised to inflict such detrimental impact that it would endanger the very presence of capitalism as it existed in Europe during that period. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

How Radical was the American Revolution?

An 8 page paper looking at Gordon S. Wood's nonfiction book The Radicalization of the American Revolution in terms of its key issues. The paper illustrates Wood's belief that the American Revolution differed from other wars in that it not only replaced one ruler or ruling class with another, but it transformed a society based on heredity and patronage into one based on individuality and ambition.

The Caste War of the Yucatan

This 9 page paper considers the nature of the Yucatan Caste War and relates it to the elements that defined the Mexican Revolution. This paper considers the role that indigenous people and the implications in the development of uprisings due to class divisions. This paper asserts that factors relative to the shaping of revolutionary activities were similar both in the Mexican Revolution and in the Yucatan Caste War. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Compelling Themes of War

9 pages in length. When we review several diverse texts there can be found a common theme about wars, control, power, economy, etc. It is easy to see we live in a culture that is embedded in war. It is obvious that man will go to any length to fight a war and win; it is just as obvious that man works harder at war than he would have to work for peace. If man were to put the same efforts into peace as he did war, the world could be in a better situation. A review of works by William James, R. C. Sherriff, George Bernard Shaw and the Bhagavad-Gita help form this view. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Cold War: A Time of Instability

An 8 page discussion of the Cold War. Contends that this period was anything one of peace and security. Provides examples of the friction which existed between the United States and the Soviet Union, the events culminating in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the changing role of the U.S. in maintaining world peace, as well as other examples illustrating that indeed this was a vary unstable period. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Mexican Revolution of 1911-1914

An 11 page overview of this critical time in history and the factors leading up to it. The thesis is presented that "this revolution was distinguishable in that it resulted in great social and cultural changes and Mexico once again had the promise of hope" is debated. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The Cold War and its Aftermath

A 5 page discussion of the primary ideologies which were at play during the Cold War years and how the aftermath of those years have shaped our current world environment. Uses the events which have unfolded in Afghanistan, and the current U.S. military action in Afghanistan, to underscore the contention that the Cold War was ineffective in ensuring long term peace. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

King Philip's War:

This 10 page paper dicusses King Philip's War - the often overlooked war which preceeded the American Revolution in this country. Furthermore, this paper examines the causes of this war and the underlying issues which divided this country. Bibliography lists 1 source.