Nationalism and the British Colonization of India

This 4 page paper discusses the relative benefits and negativities associated with the nineteenth century British colonization of India. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

“Developments in social history in eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain”

A ten page paper which looks at the way in which Britain, and particularly England, changed and developed between 1700 and 1900, in terms of industrialisation, the growth of the middle class, the changes in conditions for the working population, and the improvements in social reform which came about during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Bibliography lists 4 sources

The Battles of Culloden and Crysler's Farm Compared

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the two battles and compares certain factors. The thesis that the victories of the British really went to the weaknesses of the opposing side is supported. The Battle of Culloden takes place in eighteenth century England and The Battle of Crysler's Farm in nineteenth century Canada. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Positives and Negatives of Nineteenth Century British Rule in India

This 4 page paper assesses both the adverse impacts of British rule and the more beneficial aspects. Examples provided include technological development, the opium trade, and mutiny. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

“The Tools of Empire: Technology and European Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century”

This 3 page paper summarises the main arguments and message of “The Tools of Empire: Technology and European Imperialism by Daniel Headrick in the Nineteenth Century”. The bibliography cites 1 source.

Paris, 18th Century/London, 19th Century

A 5 page research paper that examines Paris in the eighteenth century and London in the nineteenth. The writer argues that an examination of these two cities in these respective centuries shows that the situations in each case could not have existed elsewhere or else-when. In each case the contributions to Western civilization that arose from each city were unique and came about as the result of specific circumstances in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

“An overview of Cypriot history from 1878 to the present day, with specific reference to UK and US involvement in the island”

A five page paper which looks at the history of Cyprus since the beginning of British colonial rule in the nineteenth century, and considers the respective roles of the UK and the US in the island’s aspirations towards independence and the ongoing conflicts with mainland Turkey. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

“The Effects of Industrialisation on Art”

A five page paper which looks at the effect which the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century had upon art, and the ways in which reactions against it such as the Art and Craft movement led to the development of Art Nouveau and the later combination of functional design with aesthetics which was exemplified in the works of such artists as Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Development Of The Modern Era / 1870 To 1920

A 5 page research paper on how the Victorian era of the late nineteenth century evolved by 1920 into the modern era. The writer addresses the effects of the Industrial Revolution, but also how this instigated sociological change. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Trade Unions, etc.

An 8 page research paper that answers four questions pertaining to economic conditions in Europe in the nineteenth century. Topics explored are the relationship between union and socialism; difference between liberalism and conservatism; causes behind imperialism and causes and effects of population expansion. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

“The History of the IRA”

A fourteen page paper which looks at the history of the Irish Republication Army, from its formation out of the Irish Volunteer Army in the early twentieth-century to its part in the peace negotiations of the 1990s. The paper considers the way in which the IRA’s strategies and organisation changed over the years, the role it played in the Northern Ireland civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s, and the political standpoint of the splinter groups which broke away from the official IRA in the latter part of the twentieth century. Bibliography lists 4 sources

The Relevance of Britain's MI6 During the Cold War

This 3 page paper examines this British intelligence agency and other agencies aligned with British forces. The positive and negative effects of MI6 are the focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Success of the Women's Suffrage Movement

This 4 page paper provides an overview of the feminist movement of the 1800s and the events that led up to giving women the right to vote. The passage of the nineteenth amendment is the focus of this paper that looks at nineteenth century feminist movements. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Ireland & Israel / Women's Peace Movement

A 20 page research paper that explores how and why the women in Ireland and Israel combine to resolve ethnic conflict through peacemaking activities. The writer focuses on the effects of civil war on the women's experience in those countries, and argues that it is 'war at the door' that has spurred these women to quickly change their lives around and generated the lessons that can be learned by world political leaders in resolving civil wars. Bibliography lists 26 sources.

The Poetry Of Charles Baudelaire

An 8 page paper discussing this nineteenth-century French poet and his tremendous influence on the modernist tradition in the twentieth century. It discusses five poems of Baudelaire's poems in some depth, and offers an opinion on why he was so influential. Bibliography lists 3 sources.