Joseph Stalin / An Evaluation Of His Military Prowess

A 7 page paper on the leadership talents and military campaigns of Joseph Stalin. The writer focuses upon Stalin's activities just prior to and during World War II-- particularly the Red Army's conquests in the Far East and elsewhere. It is argued that Stalin should be commended for playing such a significant role in ultimately defeating the Germans. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Winston Churchill: An Effective War Leader

This 7 page paper examines Winston Churchill's war leadership skills and argues that he was the most effective of the European leaders (as opposed to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Chamberlain). However, the paper does not take the position that Churchill was the most important man of the 20th century. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


This 19-page paper discusses, in detail, the U.S.'s follow-up plans following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Topics addressed include homeland security and war against Iraq and the Taliban. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

Diderot's La Religieuse

( 10 pp.) In this discussion we are asked to look at Denis Diderot's eighteenth century novel La Religieuse , and to determine through that work and its major character (s) the author's attitudes towards sexuality. Bibliography lists 1 source. Rough French follows text. A rough French translation follows the text.

Comparing CBS and NBC News on the Peace Talks Following the Iraq Bombings (1999)

This 5 page report discusses and compares the news coverage provided by two of the top news organizations in the United States. How were they similar and in what significant ways did they differ? No sources cited.

Thomas S. Kuhn/Structure of Scientific Revolutions

A 5 page research paper that investigates Thomas S. Kuhn's groundbreaking theory in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962, University of Chicago Press), which ) radically altered the way that change in science is perceived. The traditional understanding states that science progresses by small increments of change. Kuhn posits that science does not follow this pattern, but rather changes via scientific revolutions in which a new paradigm completely replaces an older one. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Partnership For Lebanon

A 5 page paper. Following the 2006 war in Lebanon, the Partnership For Lebanon was established to help the country get back on its feet. Five major companies were part of the team. This paper describes the goals and some of the activities of this CSR project. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Impact of the Iran Revolution on the Relations between the Super Powers

In 1979 the Iranian Revolution had an impact on the cold war. Prior to the revolution the government was aligned with the US, following the revolution there was a significant shift. This 4 page paper looks at how and why the revolution impacted on the international political relationship between the US and the Soviet Union. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Stalin / USSR Agenda & The Korean War

A 12 page essay on the Stalinist Agenda, the history behind it, and its application to the Korean War, and particularly the 38th Parallel. The writer also addresses the United States' and United Nations' agendas along the same thesis. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Link Between Ionizing Radiation And Leukemia :

A 14 page paper. This research paper discusses the following topics: the types and incidence of leukemia; the symptoms, diagnosis and etiology of leukemia; what ionizing radiation is and what levels are believed to be safe; and comprehensive studies of workers in nuclear facilities and their children. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Wartime Readership: The Correlation Between Newspaper Circulation Figures and War

A 5 page discussion of the correlation between wartime events and newspaper circulation. Contends that there is an increased circulation associated with U.S. involvement in war but cautions that this increase may occur gradually over a period of months following the event. Questions whether it is newspapers and other form of the media which make the general public aware of and interested in an event such as an act of war in the first place, or whether it is the public's interest which inspires news coverage. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Paris in the Late Eighteenth to Mid-Nineteenth Centuries

This 5 page paper looks at the history of Paris during a tumultuous period through a time of growth for the city . The effects of events on the French people are discussed. Several events and periods are noted inclusive of the French Revolutions and other revolutions that followed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Did the 19th Century Americans Conquer the West or Did the West Conquer Them?

This 5 page paper discusses the following two books specifically, both of which are diaries from that era: "Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark" and "The Diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin". This paper examines their experiences in the West versus their expectations and the expectations of the people of that era. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Impacts of ICT in Modern Life

This 10 page paper discusses the following quote “Computing technology is the most powerful and most flexible technology ever devised. For this reason computing is changing everything “where and how we work, where and how we learn, shop, eat, vote, receive medical care, and spend free time, make war, make friends, make love”. The bibliography cites 19 sources.

The Second Revolution: The Development of the U.S. Constitution

A 3 page discussion of the period of time following the American Revolution during which no national Constitution was in place. The author describes the turmoil which characterized that period and contends that, in effect, it was the “second revolution”. Bibliography lists 1 source.